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Behind the Brand with April Showers of Afro Unicorn

Behind the Brand with April Showers of Afro Unicorn

When did you create it? How long have you been running your brand? Created April 2019. Running since May 17 2020
Every t-shirt brand has a unique story as to why it was created. Can you thoroughly walk us through the inspiration behind your brand and tell the story of how it was birthed? Mission Statement: Afro Unicorn™ mission is to provide a platform to help uplift and promote other unique powerful women of color. Afro Unicorn™ is an opportunity for women of color to connect, develop, and expand their brand.

Vision Statement: Afro Unicorn™ goal is to cultivate an environment amongst a network of women to help guide them to create multiple streams of income. We will accomplish this with annual conferences and workshops where we will strategically plan to help women of color become self-motivated, grind with purpose, and create multiple streams of income.

For the past two years a close male friend kept referring to me as a unicorn. At the time I did not understand why I was being referred to as such. I truly just thought I was just doing what every woman would do in my position. It wasn’t until I suffered a rather significant upset and bounced all the way back that I realized I was indeed a unicorn the entire time. Looking at the current unicorn emoji I really couldn’t relate. I wanted a unicorn that represented me and all the fierce women that I knew. I reached out to my cousin and artist, Brian Ellis, and shared with him the vision I had for a unicorn of color. After about five sketch revisions Afro Unicorn™ with all of her vanilla, caramel, and mocha complexion was born.

I wanted to create a line of apparel to remind women of color how unique, divine and magical we truly are. I truly hope when you wear the brand you are reminded how special you are and the impact you have on the world. We are trendsetters. Go out and be a trailblazer. You have all the magical powers you need. You are indeed an Afro Unicorn!!!

We all know marketing is important! Could you share your most valuable tip that has helped you successfully advertise and sell your t-shirts online? Know your audience. And be as authentic and organic with them as you can.

As a t-shirt brand owner, what challenges did you have to overcome in order to get your t-shirt brand off the ground?  Finding the right print provider. And trying to figure out initially how much to order up front .

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who really wanted to start a t-shirt brand? Start! But before you do, make sure you fully understand the meaning, message and purpose of the brand. Write it down and make it plain.

How or where can people see your brand and support your work? (Instagram handle, Facebook, Phone, Email, Social media)
IG: @afrounicorn_official

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