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T-Shirt Design Jackpot - Live Zoom Masterclass


LIVE COACHING SESSION: Saturday, March 19th @ 11:00AM EST (Replay will be available)

What if I told you that I've created multiple shirts from Fiverr designers that have made me over $15K EACH! No 🧢 . Even a few designs STRAIGHT FROM FIVERR that have made over $100K!

I love Fiverr and I spend all of my money on there for different tasks, but most people don't know how to use it correctly... They don't know how to transfer their ideas from their minds, and get a good looking result from Fiverr graphic designers. 

In this "T-Shirt Design Jackpot" training, I'm going to show you my EXACT formula on how I do this. I don't know what other people do, but his is my personal FORMULA. I'll let you behind the scenes and give you my exact design development processes. 💯 

You're ALSO going to get 5 of my favorite Fiverr designers that I've used! See you on the live Zoom call!


PAYMENT OPTION: Pay What You Think It's Worth! (I'm not setting a price. You pay me what you think I deserve for sharing this info to help you grow your brand!)

Enrollees will gain access to our live Zoom meeting and also have access to the replay!

AVAILABILITY: **Limited Attendees Allowed**


Anyone interested in having a business that generates cash flow
Anyone interested in making an impact in the world through a T-Shirt brand
Anyone who wants to build and add value to their own personal brand
Anyone who wants a valuable asset that can be created for yourself and your family
Anyone who has a creative genius within that is waiting to be unleashed
Anyone interested in creating a semi-passive income machine that works while you sleep
Anyone interested in developing New Skills Sets (eCommerce, Instagram Ads, Facebook ads, Digital Marketing)
Anyone interested in a fun business where you can create from your heart
Anyone interested in growing and developing as an entrepreneur
Anyone interested in learning what it takes to succeed online


- Live 1-Hour Zoom Call - Saturday, March 19th @ 11AM EST
- Limited to 100 Seats
- This will be the ONLY Live Session

*Zoom Registration For Enrollees Will Be Instantly Emailed After Investment Is Made *


***The pay what you think it's worth option WILL NOT be available again