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Brand In A Box Payment Plan

Let's Bring Your Vision To Life! My Team builds your brand in 30 days!

You don't have to lift a finger! All we need you to do is dream!

The Brand In A Box program includes:

🔥 Branded Logo
🔥 3 T-Shirt Designs
🔥 Full A to Z Shopify Store Build
🔥 Advanced Shopify theme
🔥 Banner
🔥 Mockups or pictures
🔥 Important Shopify app installation
🔥 Email marketing flows
🔥 Connect store to Facebook & Instagram for advertising
🔥 Connect store to TikTok for advertising
🔥 Google Analytics
🔥 Upload 5 products (including the 3 t-shirt designs within the package)
🔥 Connect store to printers (print on demand or screenprinter)
🔥 Set up shipping costs
🔥 Connect url to store
🔥 Instagram & Facebook social media page setup
🔥7 branded social media templates
🔥Each design that we create will be printed and mailed to you. 1 print per design. (Printed with direct to garment)

🔥 Bonus: Consultation: The client will receive one 60-minute consultation after the brand has been delivered.

🔥 Bonus: Ongoing Mentorship: The client will receive 1-year of group mentorship in the T-Shirt Millionaires mastermind. They will also receive lifetime access to the T-Shirt Millionaires digital course.